BFB Champions FAQ

Arena Mode Basics

In the Arena, you will challenge Clubs from the same Class as you fight your way up the ranks. You automatically get 5 Arena Passes each day to play matches. You can own up to 50 Arena Passes and NEVER more.

What are Classes?
All Clubs strive to get promoted step by step from Class 1 to Class 7, competing against clubs from the same Class.

There are 7 Classes
With every promotion to the next higher Class rewards such as the Class Match Participation Reward will get more valuable.

There are 3 different kinds of match in the Arena.

Class Match:
Class Matches are matches between Clubs from the same Class.
For each Class Match you receive a certain number of Class points depending on whether you win, lose or tie.

You will receive a Participation Reward for every match played in the Arena.
The maximum number of Participation Rewards per day is limited. If you have reached the limit, no more rewards can be won that day.

* Arena Tickets will be distributed and Participation Rewards will be reset every day at 19:00 UTC.
If you already own the maximum of 50 Arena Passes, then you will not receive any more Arena Passes.

Class Promotion Match:
If you have collected the necessary number of Class Points, you can participate in a Class Promotion Match.
If you win the Class Promotion Match you get promoted to the next higher Class.

Arena Battles:
Weekly special competitions in which only clubs that reached Class 7 can play

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