BFB Champions FAQ

Arena Battles

Arena Battles are weekly special competitions in which only clubs that reached Class 7 of the Arena can play.

In Arena Battles, the 5 first matches of each day of competition are taken into account.
Clubs that finish high enough win exclusive Titles and other rewards.

What sets Arena Battles apart is the presence of Arena Boosts among the Special Rules.

・Arena Boosts: boost of players' Attributes depending on nationality, Category etc.
 (e.g. Argentina players Attributes +10%)

・Limitations: rarity or Category maximum on the pitch
 (e.g. 6★ players only, 70★ total maximum etc)

There are also player Cost limitations such as 'Player Cost: 440 maximum'.
A player's Cost depends on his rarity and Category.

And before each Arena Battle, you will have a Preparation Day to get your lineup ready for the next Arena Battle's Special Rules.
When you are done getting your lineup ready, play a Test Match or a Class Match and you will win a Preparation Day reward.
* Leadership and Mental Toughness are not eligible for Boosts.
* Attributes are boosted individually then rounded down.

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