BFB Champions FAQ


◆ Toughness
This affects the ability jump towards the ball.

◆ Saving
This affects the overall goalkeeping ability.

◆ Jumping
This affects the presence in the air.

◆ Positioning
This affects the effectiveness in one-on-ones.

◆ Reactions
This affects the reflexes against shots.

◆ Organisation
This affects the ability to organize the defenders so as to make them more efficient.

◆ Mental Strength
This shows the level of Mental Strength of a player. This affectss the succes of set pieces and the success of attacks and defences in the second half.
*This Attribute cannot be raised.

◆ Leadership
Tap 'Role Assignment' and drag & drop a player into the 'Captain' field. Depending on the 'Leadership' value of the player you selected your Team Tactical Bonus (yellow) will go up.
*This Attribute cannot be raised.

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