BFB Champions FAQ


You can play matches in Career Mode, the Arena or in Cups. Playing matches in Career Mode earns you Club EXP.
How much Club EXP you earn depends on whether you win, lose or tie.
Earn enough Club EXP and your Club Level goes up.
The higher your Club Level, the higher your maximum Match Energy and maximum Training Energy will be.
Players, too, gain EXP. The more active a player is on the pitch, the more EXP he will gain.

■Match Energy
Match Energy is needed to play matches.
The amount of Match Energy needed is different depending on the league in Career Mode or the multiplayer cup.
It is restored automatically over time. Use Stamina Drinks to restore your Match Energy.

In multiplayer cups and Career Mode leagues, your ranking is decided by your points and goal difference.
A loss earns you 0 pts, a draw 1 pt, and a win 3 pts.

*For clubs with the same number of points, their place will be decided by their goal difference (GD).

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