BFB Champions FAQ

Multiplayer Champions Cups

In the Champions Cup managers from all over the world fight for the title of Global Champion.
To register for a multiplayer cup, tap 'Play Match' => 'Champions Cups' and select the Champions Cup you want to play in.
If the registration period is ongoing, you can press 'Register'. You will then be redirected to the Edit Lineup screen to register the Lineup of your choosing.

There are two types of Multiplayer Champions Cups:
 -Multiplayer Champions Cups
 -Special Champions Cups (Multiplayer Champions Cups with additional rules)

You can lend and borrow players that you can use during multiplayer cups to and from your Friends.
 - You can lend one player to your Friends. This is called a Dispatch Player.
 - You can borrow up to 5 players from your Friends. These are called Friend Players.

When you compete in the same cup as a Friend, you can view your Friend's place in the cup.

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