BFB Champions FAQ

Your Present Box

This is where any rewards you have won, any presents you have received, and other items and players are sent.

■ What items are sent to your Present Box
- Login Boni
- Presents from Friends
- Career Mode rewards
- Mentor System rewards
- Champions Cup rewards
- Union Cup rewards
- Players transferred from your Friends
- Items and Transfer Contracts sent back to you after a failed transfer negotiation
Arena Rewards

Tap 'Collect' to receive any players or items from your Present Box.
Tap 'Sell' to sell a player or item.

■How to collect players
- By default, collected players will be sent to your Reserves.
- If your Reserves are full but there is still room in your Clubhouse, collected players will be sent to your Clubhouse.
- If both are full, you will not be able to collect any more players. You will have to either sell the player directly from the Present Box or make room in your Reserves or Clubhouse.
- If you collect a player you already own, that player will gain EXP and will become available for transfer.
* Since version 2.0 it is possible to collect a player even if you already own a version of the same player at max level. If you collect the player, the one you already had will become transferrable.

■How to collect items
- Tap 'Collect' to collect the items in your Present Box.
- Tap 'Collect All items' to collect all items on a page at the same time.

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