BFB Champions FAQ

Regional Champions Cup

In the Regional Champions Cup, each stage lasts one day.
Over the course of 4 stages that take place across 4 days, your results will decide the Grade you are given for the Continent Champions Cup.

- During stages 1 to 3, clubs will be randomly placed into groups that each contain 20 clubs.
The top-placed clubs in each group will proceed to the next stage, which takes place on the next day.

- You will be given a Grade for the Continent Champions Cup when you fail to advance to the next stage:
  *Stopped at Stage 1: Grade E
  *Stopped at Stage 2: Grade D
  *Stopped at Stage 3: Grade C

- In the 4th and final stage, you will compete against the other clubs that have reached this stage and your final placing will determine the Grade you are given for the Continent Champions Cup:
  *Bottom places of Stage 4: Grade B
  *Middle places of Stage 4: Grade A
  *Top places of Stage 4: Grade S

- The top-placed clubs at the end of stage 4 will also win the Main Reward for the Regional Champions Cup.
(To check the details of the rewards for each stage, please tap the 'INFO' button at the bottom right of the cup menu panel.)

■Additional information
You can participate in the Continent Champions Cup as long as you register during the registration period, regardless of your results in the Regional Champions Cup.

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