BFB Champions FAQ

Global Champions Cup (2)

The Global Champions Cup is the pinnacle of BFB Champions. All registered clubs compete for the title of Global Champion in Grade S. There are eight Grades (G to S). Which Grade you start in depends on your ranking in the Regional Champions Cup and the Continetal Champions Cup. Note that it is possible to compete in the Global Champions Cup even if you haven’t played in the other Cups. In that case, you will start in Grade G.
Global Champions Cups consist of two 2-day stages (so overall 4 days).

In Stage 1, clubs are randomly put into groups of 20 clubs each from the same Grade. At the end of Stage 1, high-ranking clubs will be promoted to the next higher Grade; low-ranking clubs will be relegated to the next lower Grade; while the bulk of clubs will remain in the same Grade.

In Stage 2, all clubs form one big group and will be matched randomly. The highest ranking clubs will win the Main Reward and the honor to count themselves among the best clubs of the world.

When the Cup is over, all Grades will be reset and the next Champions Cup will start at the regional level again.
Tap the Info button to the right of a Champions Cup panel to find out more about what rewards you get for which ranking in each Grade.

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