BFB Champions FAQ

Individual Training

This keep-up minigame is a timed minigame where you keep the ball in the air by tapping 'JUGGLE' at the correct moment.
Your score will decide the amount of Player EXP earned by your player.

■How to train
1. Select the player you want to train on the left of the screen.
2. At the bottom left of the screen, select the amount of Training Energy you want to use.
3. Tap the Start button to start training.

■How to play
1. When the game starts, the player will kick the ball into the air.
2. A ball mark will appear show where the ball is due to drop.
3. Tap the 'JUGGLE' button when the ball reaches the ball mark.
4. If your timing is right the player will keep the ball in the air!
You will earn points and the game of keep-ups will continue.
5. Repeat steps 2 to 4.
6. When the timer reaches zero, the game is over.
7. Your selected player will receive Player EXP in line with your score.

■Use the Trick Mode to get a high score
- As you juggle the ball in the air the Trick button on the right of the screen will gradually fill up.
- When it is completely full you can enter Trick Mode by tapping Trick.
- In Trick Mode, you can perform tricks to earn more points than usual.

■Additional information
- Consecutive keep ups will earn you combos and you will get bonus points.
- The minigame cannot end during Trick Mode.
Trigger Trick Mode in the dying seconds to continue playing after the counter reaches 0 and aim for an even higher score!
- You will probably need to take your finger off the Juggle button to tap the Trick button, so you’ll need to get your timing just right to keep the ball in the air!
- Sometimes, during a minigame a golden ball will appear.
The points you score with this golden ball will be doubled so make good use of it!

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