BFB Champions FAQ

Player Transfers

It is possible to swap players with your BFB Friends using the Transfer function.
Transferred players are reset to level 1, losing all of their assigned attribute points and Limit Breaks.
[Red-SP] players can only be transferred with other [Red-SP] players.

■How to transfer players
- For each player you transfer, you will need one Transfer Contract item.
- Each manager chooses at least one player they wish to transfer, and when both parties agree, the transfer is complete.
- You can add some of your items as part of the transfer negotiations. (Please note, however, that you cannot use the transfer function to transfer items only. You need to select at least one player.)

*Please note that you can't transfer a player under the following circumstances:
- You have logged into the game on fewer than 5 days
- Your Friend has logged into the game on fewer than 5 days
- The player is already involved in a separate transfer negotiation
- You don't have enough Transfer Contracts
- The player is used in at least one of your Lineups
- The player is at Training Camp
- The Player is not transferable
- Your Friend is using a version of the app published by another publisher

■Additional Information
- You can get Transfer Contract items in exchange for 1 Medal in the Medal Exchange menu.
- The amount of Transfer Contracts you can hold at any one time is limited so it may be a good idea to sell them for Club Money if you don't intend to use them.

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