BFB Champions FAQ

Daily Training

In Daily Training you can earn Coaches by completing missions in minigames that change every day.

  • Win a Coach for each mission you accomplish (Gold, Silver and Bronze).
  • Daily training doesn't use Training Energy.
  • You can continue to play as many times as you want, even after completing the missions.

*You can only get rewards once per mission.

■Additional information
- Sometimes, during a minigame a golden ball will appear.
The points you score with this golden ball will be doubled so make good use of it!

*The minigame will change at 4am every day. Be careful because any score earned at the exact time the minigame changes over will not count.

■Minigames Schedule

  • Mondays: Cross & Finish (Rewards=Forward Coaches)
  • Tuesdays: Free-Kick Challenge (Rewards=Midfielder Coaches)
  • Wednesdays: One on One Chase (Rewards=Defender or Goalkeeper Coaches)
  • Thursdays: Cross & Finish (Rewards=Forward Coaches)
  • Fridays: Free-Kick Challenge (Rewards=Midfielder Coaches)
  • Saturdays: One on One Chase (Rewards=Defender or Goalkeeper Coaches)
  • Sundays: Free-Kick Challenge (Rewards=Midfielder Coaches)
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