BFB Champions FAQ

My app crashed during a match, what happens now?

Currently, our policy is set so that if you intentionally or unintentionally close/crash the app, Match Energy will be spent and the match will result in a forfeit (loss).

We hope you understand this policy is to ensure fair play for all players and to prevent certain cheating players from disrupting the game balance.

If you find your game crashing often, we suggest following the steps below:

In the app:
In the Home Menu, tap "Options" - "Settings", change the frame rate to 30fps.
In the same Settings menu, change the resolution to standard.

Phone Settings:
Ensure that you close all other apps while playing.
Close BFB Champions after you finish playing.
Clear BFB Champions' game cache.
Ensure there is enough storage space on your device.

We are always looking for ways to improve your gameplay experience. Please try all of the above steps to ensure smooth gameplay.

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