BFB Champions FAQ

Team Training

Team Training uses Training Energy to train all your starters, subs and reserves at the same time.

How to train
1. On the left of the screen, choose the amount of Training Energy you
want to use. (At first you will have only one possible choice.)
2. Tap Start to start the training.
3. You will see a training scene and when it has finished your players will earn Player EXP.

■Additional information
The more Training Energy you use, the more EXP your players will earn.
During the training scene, if the 3 images match, you will receive various bonuses on top of the regular Player EXP that you receive during Team Training.

- If you get three forwards (FW), all forwards will get bonus EXP.
- If you get 3 midfielders (MF), all midfielders will get bonus EXP.
- If you get 3 defenders (DF), all defenders will get bonus EXP.
- If you get 3 goalkeepers (GK), all goalkeepers will get bonus EXP.
- If the same player is shown 3 times he will get bonus EXP.

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