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How do I build a strong Lineup?

The quality of your team is indicated by your Team Total Strength.
Team Total Strength
Team Strength (Total of your starters' Player Strength.)
Team Tactical Bonus (Total of your starters' Tactical Bonuses)

■How to raise your Team Strength

  • Raise your starters' Player Strength to raise your Team Strength.
  • To raise Player Strength, be sure to assign the attribute points you get when they level up.
  • Your players will level up by earning EXP from playing matches and training.(except for Friendly matches and Free matches.)

*Every 5 levels and when a player reaches their maximum level, they will earn more attribute points than usual.
For this reason, while it is fine to level up all your starters at the same time, you may find it more effective to focus on one player and levelling him up to his max level.

■How to raise your Team Tactical Bonus

  • Raise your starters' Tactical Bonus to raise your Team Tactical Bonus.
  • To raise your Players' Tactical Bonus, you need to assign them to the positions for which they are best suited.
  • Look at a Player's profile to see which positions suit them best. Changing your Players’ positions or even your formation may affect your Team Tactical Bonus.


■Additional Information

Team Total Strength is an indication of your strength but it is not the only parameter that decides the result of a match.
Skill types, Skill levels, formation choices, player stamina etc. also affect the outcome of a match.

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