BFB Champions FAQ

Match Scenes

■Match Scenes
There are 5 match scenes to watch in each half, for a total of 10 match scenes in each match.
The more attacking plays you see, the better your chances of coming out on top!

■Attack Success
The chance an attack will succeed is expressed by the changing number on the top left of match scenes.
The higher the number, the higher the chance the attacking team will score.

The colour of the Attack Success number will change depending on the attacking team:
- Blue: scenes where your team is attacking
- Red: scenes where your opponent is attacking

■Player Attributes
The players who will appear during match scenes depend on their attributes and position on the pitch.
The attributes used by the players depend on the type of scene. The higher the attributes used in the scenes are, the more impact it will have on the Attack Success.
*The attributes used will appear next to the players during the scenes.

■Skill Activation
When a Skill is activated, you will see a special visual effect on the player or the ball.

Blue: Skills activated by one of your players.
Red: Skills activated by one of your opponent's players.

Skills are like special attacks. Activating them enhances the chance of winning a tackle, scoring a goal, saving a shot, etc.
Each Skill has a level. The higher the Skill level, the higher the chance that the Skill will be activated.

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