BFB Champions FAQ

Training Energy and How to Train

There are 3 ways to train and strengthen players:\nDaily Training, Coach Training and Training Camp.

■Additional Information
Players in your Clubhouse cannot be trained.
If you want to train one of them, you need to first send them from your Clubhouse to your reserves.

■Training mode – key features
- Daily Training:
・You can earn Coaches by completing missions in minigames that change every day.
・You can win Coaches only once per target.

- Coach Training:
・Level up your players by using Coaches and Club Money.
・Cannot be used if you lack Coaches or Club Money.
・You don't gain Club EXP.

- Training Camp:
your Player will be sent to Training Camp temporarily, which will earn them Player EXP.
・You need to Use a special item (Training Camp Tickets) to send a Player to Training Camp.
・There are three different types of Training Camp.
・Players at camp cannot be transferred or sold. (They can be used in matches)

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