BFB Champions FAQ

Training Energy and How to Train

There are 5 ways to train and strengthen players:
Daily Training, Coach Training, Team Training, Individual Training, and Training Camp.

■Additional Information
Players in your Clubhouse cannot be trained.
If you want to train one of them, you need to first send them from your Clubhouse to your reserves.

■Training mode – key features
- Daily Training:
・You can earn Coaches by completing missions in minigames that change every day.
・You can win Coaches only once per target.
・Does not use Training Energy.

- Coach Training:
・Level up your players by using Coaches and Club Money.
・Cannot be used if you lack Coaches or Club Money.
・You don't gain Club EXP.
・Does not use Training Energy.

- Team Training:
*Use Training Energy to earn EXP for your starters, subs and reserves at the same time.
*You earn Player EXP as well as Club EXP.
*You have the choice between 3 amounts of Training Energy to use.
*If the 3 pictures match during the training scene, you can win bonuses.

- Individual Training:
*the selected Player will play a game of keep-ups, which uses up Training Energy.
*your Player will earn EXP depending on your score.
*You can also earn a small amount of Club EXP.
*You have the choice between 3 amounts of Training Energy to use.

- Training Camp:
your players will be sent to Training Camp temporarily, which will earn them Player EXP.
n ・You need to Use a special item (Training Camp Tickets) to send a Player to Training Camp.
・There are three different types of Training Camp
・Players at camp cannot be used in matches, be transferred or sold.

◆Training Energy
Some trainings require Training Energy.
The energy needed differs depending on the training settings and the player level.
You can recover your Training Energy by waiting some time, using a Training Supplement or levelling up your club.

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