BFB Champions FAQ

Coach Training

In Coach Training, your players will improve by training with Coaches.

■How to train
1. Select the player you want to train.
2. Select the Coaches you want to use.
Please note that the Coaches you select will be removed from your inventory after training.
3. Use the selected Coaches and Club Money to train your player and have him earn EXP.

Coaches are specialised in training Forwards (FW), midfielders (MF), defenders (DF) or goalkeepers (GK).
Use Coaches with an identical position as the player you want to train and the player will earn more EXP.
There are also (ALL) Coaches who have the same effect on players of any position.
Coaches have a Coach rank (A, B, C...), and players trained with high rank Coaches earn even more EXP.

■Additional information
You can't use your Coaches on the following types of player:
- Players who are in your Clubhouse.
- Players who are at Training Camp.
- Players who are currently included in transfer negotiations.

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