BFB Champions FAQ

Training Camp

Training Camp is a way to train players automatically by sending them to a Training Camp for a set period of time.
All you need to do is sit back and wait for them to return for camp.
However, while they are at Training Camp they will not be able to participate in other trainings.

To send a player to Training Camp you need Training Camp Tickets.
The number of tickets needed and the amount of Player EXP earned depends on which training course you choose.
Since version 1.7.0 players can participate in matches even if they are currently in Training Camp.

■How to train
1. Select one of the Training Camp slots and tap 'Send to camp'.
2. On the left of the screen, press 'Tap to select player' and select the player you want to send to Training Camp.
3. On the bottom left of the screen, select the course you would like to use (Trial, Standard, or Elite).
4. A warning will pop up. Confirm with YES to send the player to Training Camp.

■Additional information
- You can send up to 3 players to Training Camp at any one time.
- While in Training Camp, players cannot be sold or transferred.

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