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Data Migration via Password

Please follow the steps below if you want to transfer you game data from one device to another via password.

■Steps for data migration via password
---Steps needed before you migrate your data.---

  1. Tap 'Options' from the home menu.
  2. From this menu, select 'Data Migration'.
  3. Select the data migration method 'Via password' then  'OK'.
  4. Enter a data migration password and select 'OK'.

*Make a note of the password you created and your Manager ID.

---Steps to migrate your data---
 1. On your new device, download and start the app.
 2. Select 'Data Migration' from the title screen.
 3. Select the data migration method 'Via password' then 'OK'.
 4. Enter your Manager ID and the data migration password you created on your previous device.
 5. Tap 'OK' to start data migration.
 *If there is already BFB Champions game data on the device, you will be shown a warning.

- Make sure you have a strong network connection before you begin data migration.
- Any data that is deleted or lost during data migration can't be recovered.
*As a precaution, we recommend saving a backup of your data before migrating.
- If you migrate your data to a device with a different OS, you will lose your BFB Coins. (It is impossible to transfer your BFB Coins for Android to iOS or iOS to Android.)
- You must wait 1 hour after successfully migrating data before you can migrate data again (ie. to another device).
- If you enter your data migration password or your Manager ID incorrectly 5 times, you will be unable to migrate data for 24 hours, even via another method (Facebook account link...).
- The password you make for data migration can't be checked from inside the app. Make sure you make a note of the password somewhere before you try to migrate data.
- After successfully completing data migration, you will be unable to play the game on the previous device.
- If you migrate your data on a device already containing BFB Champions game data, these data will be overwritten
- After successfully completing data migration, your password will remain the same, but you will need to wait 1 hour before migrating data again to another device.
- Please note that you can only perform data migration 10 times per month. After this you will need to wait until the following month to perform data migration.
- You cannot migrate your game data to an app published by another publisher.
We cannot guarantee that the game will function correctly on the deviceto which you migrate your data if it does not meet the minimum specifications required.

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