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I have a problem with a transfer

If you can't transfer a player, it might be for one of the following reasons:
- You don't have enough Transfer Contracts.
- The player is currently part of a Lineup.
- The player is away at Training Camp.
- It's not possible to transfer certain types of player. This is indicated by a special icon.
- The player is currently part of transfer negotiations
- You and your Friends are playing with versions of the game distributed y different companies.
- Your scouted the player with 'My' Scout Tickets

Players scouted with "My" Scout Tickets cannot be transferred.
These players can become transferable by following these steps:
1. Get the same player several times (Scouts, transfer etc.)
2. Have one version of the player in your squad (Collected from Present Box)
3. Collect the second version of the same player from your Present Box.

*If players are in a Categories [LE], [D], [G], [S], [B], [Li], [Ex], [C] and [Ca], they can never become transferable, even with the method above.
*If you collect a player that you already had, the player you had will become transferrable and the player you collected will disappear.
*[Red-SP] players can only be transferred with other [Red-SP] players.

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