BFB Champions FAQ

A player isn't shown in Training

If you can't see the option to train a player, it may be because:
- The player has reached their maximum level. (max level players can't be trained)
- The player is currently part of transfer negotiations
- The player is away at Training Camp
- The player is in your Clubhouse (please send the player you want to train to your reserves first)

Make sure to check the above points if you can't see the option to train a player.

if you have set a sorting condition in the past, it may still in effect and prevent your newly acquired player to be seen.
Please reset the sorting setting following the instructions below.

Squad Players/Club House:
 1.Tap the sort button(↑↓ button on the top left)
 2.Tap 'Reset' at the bottom right corner
 3.Tap 'OK'

 1.Tap the 'Reserves' button in Edit Lineup
 2.Tap the sort button on the right (「↑↓」)
 3.Tap 'Reset' at the bottom right corner
 4.Tap 'OK'

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