BFB Champions FAQ

How to get your preregistration/lucky dip rewards

In order to receive the preregistration/lucky dip rewards, you need to link your BFB Champions account to the e-mail address you used in the pregistration and lucky dips. You can do this by subscribing to BFB Champion's Newsletter using the e-mail address you used in those campaigns.

Please follow these steps to receive your special rewards.

1. Launch BFB Champions.
2. Go to Options, tap "Feedback & Newsletter"
3. Your browser will be launched. Tap Subscribe or Change your e-mail address
4. Enter the email address you used during the pregistration campaign.
5. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.
6. Check your email and click the link in email to complete the subscription.

Once these steps are completed, the reward(s) should be sent to your Present Box.

If you did not receive the special rewards after these steps, please contact us by going to Options - FAQ/Contact Us/Support.
When you do contact us, please let us know the following information:

The campaign you participated in. (Preregistration or Lucky Dip)
The email address you used in the campaigns.
Detailed information you may want to add.

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