BFB Champions FAQ

A few tips to find your missing players

Once you receive a player, he may go into one of the following places.

・If there are spaces in Reserves, he will be sent to Reserves.
・If there are no spaces in Reserves, he will be sent to the Clubhouse.
・If you already have one of the player in either Reserves or Clubhouse, he will be sent to the Present Box instead.

** Squad Players in My Club ONLY shows player in Starters, Subs and Reserves**
** To view players in the Clubhouse, go to Clubhouse from My Club **

Additionally, if you have set a sorting condition in the past, it may still be in effect and prevent your newly acquired player from being seen.
Please reset the sorting setting following the instructions below:

Squad Players/Club House:
 1.Tap the sorting button (「↑↓」 button on the top left)
 2.Tap Reset on the bottom right corner
 3.Tap OK
 1.Tap the "Reserves" button in the Squad Management
 2.Tap the sorting button on the right (「↑↓」)
 3.Tap Reset on the bottom right corner
 4.Tap OK


You will not be able to receive a player in your Present Box in any of the following cases:

・If you do not have an available space for the player in your Reserves or in your Clubhouse.


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