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I can't perform Data Migration.

Please contact the Customer Support, we can perform the Data Migration for you.

If you have currently subscribed to our newsletter, you can reset the password by using the password reset function by going to Data Migration from the Title Screen - via Password - Change password.


Note: When you contact us, please include the following information to help make the process as smooth as possible.

If the "Contact/Support" button is available on the device you want to have the data transfer to, skip to number 5.

1. Download and launch BFB Champions on the device you want the data to be migrated to. Tap START.
2. Intro will start, tap the Skip button to skip all of it.
3. You will be asked to register a Club. Please do so.
** Please make note of all the information you used for the new Club. **
4. Once the registration is complete, restart the app.
5. Tap Contact/Support button in the Title Screen.
6. Tap "Contact Support about Data Migration"
7. Include the following information and send a support request.

The following information is needed:
Information of the Club you want migrated:
1. Club Name/Manager ID/Club Level
2. Country, region, local area
3. Date and Time of last login
4. Brand and make of the device of last login
5. Information regarding the last in-app purchase:
iOS Users: The screenshot of the receipts of last 5 purchases from Apple.
Android Users: The Google Order number or Transaction ID from Google. 

Information of the Club you just created

1. Club Name/Club Level/Manager ID
2. Country, region, local area
3. Brand and make of the device you used to create this Club

・Data Migration performed between iOS and Android will result in the loss of ALL BFB Coins.
・Please contact us either through the Title Screen or the Options in-game. Otherwise we will not be able to confirm your information.
・If the information you provided does not match our record, we may refuse to perform a data migration for you.
・Please refrain from logging into BFB Champions after you send this e-mail.
・If your account has reached the Data Migration limit (incorrect password for 5 times within 24 hours, etc.), we will not be able to perform the Data Migration for you either.
・Once migrated, the data on your previous device will be deleted.
・Once migrated, the data on your new device will be overwritten.
・If your device is not in our supported device list, the game may not run properly.
・No compensation will be made for any campaign bonuses lost during the migration.
・Data cannot be transferred between different publishers.

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