BFB Champions FAQ

How to run the update

iOS devices(iOS 11 or later)
1. Launch the App Store.
2. Hit the Updates tab at the bottom.
3. On the 'Updates' menu, pull down with your finger, then let go to refresh.
 * Pull until you get the loading icon
4. Once BFB Champions 2.0 appears on the list, tap on the 'Update' button

iOS devices(iOS 10 or earlier)
1. Launch the App Store.
2. Tap 'Updates' on the lower right corner of the screen and then 'Update' on the right of the BFB Champions 2.0 icon.
 * If the 'Update' button doesn't show up, try restarting the App Store.

Android devices
1. Launch Google Play
2. Tap '≡' on the upper left corner of the screen. In 'My apps' under 'Updates' tap BFB Champions 2.0.
 * If the app doesn't show up under 'Updates', try restarting Google Play.

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