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Unions Cups

Union Cups are competitions that any Club Union can enter. \nDuring a Union Cup, any manager who is a member of a Club Union can participate.

■Union Cup Overview

  • The goal of a Union Cup is to achieve a high Union ranking.
  • A Club Union's ranking is based on the results achieved by each member of that Union.
  • Union Cups are played over seven days.
  • There is no need to register before the event.
  • Playing matches during a Union Cup uses up Union Pennants instead of Match Energy.
  • Each Union member can play 10 matches per day.
  • Let's say you played all 10 matches but you don't like the results and want a second chance. You can use the Union Cup Reset Whistle and get another go. Note that you also need Union Pennants for that.

*Club Union members can get Union Pennants as rewards in Career Mode or Legend Challenges.
Note that there is a limit to how many Union Pennants you can possess. If you already possess the maximum number, the excess will be lost.

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