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After a Union Cup is finished, rewards are sent to your Union according to your Union rank. In special Campaigns, each manager may also receive further rewards depending upon their rank in the Union.

If your Club Union reaches a certain score, participating clubs win a participation reward. If you earned no Union points, your club will be noted as not having participated.

During a Union Cup, you can earn rewards for reaching certain Total Score. You will also receive random Medals for each match played.

You can find out more about rewards by tapping 'Cup Details'.

From 7 November 2017, if you have played at least 1 match in a Union Cup, you will receive rewards after the Union Cup ends, even if you have left your Club Union or the Club Union has been disbanded.
Except for Individual Target Rewards, Union Cup rewards are sent directly to your Present Box after the end of a Union Cup.
* It may take up to 15 minutes after the end of a Union Cup for rewards to reach your Present Box.
* If you are not a member of the Club Union when you see the Union Cup results, the Union name may be blank.

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