BFB Champions FAQ


If your Club Level is 20 or lower you can select a mentor and become an apprentice.
You can search for a new mentor by setting your preferences on the search screen.

You can search by:
- Club name (enter a Club name)
- Friends (to search your Friends)
- Union members (to search Union members)
- Location (to search for a specific country of origin)
- Local Area (to search for a specific city or local area)

Tap 'Become Apprentice' to accept the selected mentor.

You can only have one mentor at a time.
To cancel an apprenticeship, press 'Quit Apprenticeship'.
Please note, however, note that you must wait 24 hours before you can select a new mentor.

An apprentice can earn rewards on the following occasions:
- When they become an apprentice for the first time
- When their mentor sends support
- Every time they increase their Club Level.

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