BFB Champions FAQ


You can search for a new mentor by setting your preferences on the search screen.

You can search by:

- Club name (enter a Club name)
- Friends (to search your Friends)
- Union members (to search Union members)
- Location (to search for a specific country of origin)
- Local Area (to search for a specific city or local area)

Please note that you can't transfer a player under the following circumstances:

- You have logged into the game on fewer than 5 days
- Your Friend has logged into the game on fewer than 5 days
- The player is already involved in a separate transfer negotiation Additional Information
- You can get Transfer Contract items as a bonus for logging in to the game.
- The amount of Transfer Contracts you can hold at any one time is limited so it may be a good idea to sell them for Club Money if you don't intend to use them.

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