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Boost Skills

Unlike other Skills, this Skill does not activate randomely during a particular match scene.
If a player has a Boost Skill, a defined range of players will be boosted if you meet the condition defined.

Boost Skills are displayed at the bottom of a player's Skill list.
Tap on the Skill name to see its description, including its condition for activation and range of boost.

○Condition: must be met in order for the Skill to take effect.
Eg. If the condition is '[2FW Form.], this means that the Skill will be activated if the player is on the pitch and you select a formation with 2 forwards.
○Range: the type of players that will be boosted.
Eg. Self-Boost means that only the player who possesses the Skill will be boosted
○Boost strength: the percentage of which each Attribute will be raised (Rounded down for each Attribute).

<Additional information>
・Players that use Boost Skills may have lower than usual Player Strength for players of the same Rarity/Category but may become only stronger when the Boost Skill is activated.
・Players can be boosted by both Boost Skills and Arena Boosts at the same time. For instance, if a player is boosted 5% by a Boost Skill and 5% by an Arena Boost, his Attributes will be boosted 10%.
・Each Attributes are boosted individually and their boosted rating is rounded down.
・Boosts effect is calculated by boosting each Attribute individually, which does not necessarily mean that the player Strength will be boosted by the percentage shown.
・Leadership and Mental Strength are not boosted by Boost Skills.
・If a player is eligible to be boosted by several Boost Skills, he will only be boosted by the Boost Skill with the highest boost percentage.
Eg. If a player is eligible to be boosted by 5% by a Boost Skill and by 6% by another Boost Skill, he will be boosted 6%.

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